The Knight and The damsel?

David let out a loud whine. She pulled him behind her as she continued to back away. Suddenly, a different set of steps caused her to stop again. They came from behind her, but her fear would not allow her to turn around. Then a familiar baritone voice spoke in perfect syllables. “Remove yourself, defective citizen, or I shall remove you.” Shocked, she twirled around. “Gabriel?”

Gabriel emerged from the shadows into the dim light. His tall, intimidating form reached them in two long strides, passing her and David, and injected himself between them and their assailant. The man leered and made another approach. “I see that my speech was not clear to you,” Gabriel spoke again.

Know my worries

Daylight came and went too soon. Her face twisted in disgust at the controllers, who could not even allow the citizens of the Downs a few minutes of light. If they did, maybe there would be less insanity and the streets would be a little safer. Maybe David would play awhile outdoors.